SH804 Communicating Science in the information age…in a box

I m off work today, trying to get my ECA completed for my H808 course, which is due in next week (21st Jan) however I have been slightly distracted by a box which has arrived from the OU for my next course SH804 ‘Communicating Science in the Information Age’ which starts 30th Jan (no rest for the wicked).

In studying for my Masters in Online and Distance Education (MA ODE) I can take this unrelated course to make up the points I need as I have the required number of points from modules which are core to the MA ODE. This is quite scary for me as this will be the first course which is really out of my comfort zone.

The course moodle page is already open and i am relieved to see it contains the materials online in a similar way to my H8xx modules, however unlike my H8xx modules I have also received this material in the post as well. My box of goodies include 2 books, a dvd and 2 folders of printed sheets. Ok, maybe not the best thing for the environment if its online as well, but it makes a change from the basic letters I received for my H8xx modules. There is also a day school planned in March which I didn’t know about until i went into the moodle page. No idea what that will be like. There is already some discussion on the course moodle forums which is promising. I hope there are some fellow tweeters on the course as I have found twittering with fellow students to be invaluable to my studies/sanity on the H8XX courses.


One response to “SH804 Communicating Science in the information age…in a box

  1. For D843 (discourse analysis) I got a full box of material: We also have telephone tutorials… TELEPHONE tutorials! Ugh! And I considered Elluminate to be rather weak… Well, in comparison, it was heaven. My first non-H80X course turned out to differ dramatically from the classes I have taken up till then.

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