Last night I went through the introduction chapters of the 2 books that accompany the course with the aim of finding a topic that particularly interested me.  Although they were only short paragraphs It took me some time to get through them, partly because there were some big words i had to look up (Concomitant? polysemic? dialogic?) and partly because I needed to reread and think about what each paragraph meant before deciding how interested I was in each topic.  There were several topics which interested me including the Peer review process, which is in a few news stories at the moment.  How ever the one I have decided to concentrate on at the moment is the concepts of audiencehood and democratic citizenship in relation to science.   From what I have read in the introduction, this covers areas of web 2.0 and its collaborative potential.  I think it might lead on from my previous work looking at sites such as Wikipedia.

Today I went through some of the advanced search activities recommended by the course. I was reluctant at first as I thought I was fairly confident at researching after my last 3 courses, but I found it useful as it covered specific science based databases and covered issues which haven’t been as important on previous courses, such as filtering for peer reviewed content. It also looked at useing referencing systems such as endnote.  Although I find referencing a real chore I have always preferred to avid these automated systems, mainly because I find them more hassle than their worth.  For example there is always at least one reference that doesn’t quite fit the system. I remember asking a while ago “How do you Harvard reference a tweet?”


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