There’s lots of Communicating Science in the information age

Since starting the SH804 I have been overwhelmed by the amount of information I am finding and wanting to take in, which I am finding relevant to the course.  The news at the moment is full of the climategate story but on top of that I am throwing myself into anything which I think is relevant to communicating science in an information age.  On the drive to work I am listening to podcasts from Nature, Guardian Science and others, I am watching/reading/listening to scifi from a different perspective (Avatar Movie, EscapePod Podcast, The Black Cloud Book) and I am stocking up on popular science books (Bad Science, The Oxford Book of modern Science Writing).

I hope I don’t get so distracted by these related resources that I lose focus of the course itself, although from what I have seen so far the course seems really interesting.  The point I guess I am trying to make is I never realised how much really good stuff is out there which fits into the category of “Communicating Science in the information age”


One response to “There’s lots of Communicating Science in the information age

  1. I have to stop reading your blog while you’re doing SH804. I guess that’s the only way to control my envy!

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