IFL – Assessing and leading teams to achieve organisational goals.

I have finished a first draft of the first half of my first assignment for my management and leadership award. I looked into how performance is measured, or not, in my current organisation and in education ion general. This gave me an opportunity to mention the paper by Dr Ben Goldacre, who argues that education should take a scientific approach to assessing the value of interventions, like the use of technologies, in a similar way to the medical profession assessing new drugs. I remember discussing this idea with some of my colleagues when the paper came out, and I was surprised at how the idea was immediately dismissed by one colleague in particular. Ok it was my manager. His dismissal was based around the idea that education was too important to experiment on with things like blind trials and control groups.   As much as I think education is important, I would struggle to argue that it is more important than health, where this model is the cornerstone of development.

In terms of developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) I liked the idea of using a balanced scorecard approach. This involves setting KPIs across 4 areas:

  • Customer Perspective
  • Financial Perspective
  • Internal Business Perspective
  • Learning & Growth

There are criticisms about the detail of this model but I think it is a good place to start for an organisation to develop a holistic set of KPIs.

Balenced Scorecard

I also looked at how models of motivating teams. There were lots of interesting theories but the one that has stuck with me has been Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory. This argues that you start with a standard level of motivation and if some factors are negative (the demotivators/hygiene factors) they will drag your level of motivation down, while if other factors are positive (motivators) these will increase your motivation. The interesting thing was even if the hygiene factors were good, they would not increase your level of motivation beyond the standard level. This is particul;arly interesting at this time when I am looking at what future jib opportunites are available to me and would motivate me.

Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory


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