I completed my QTLS eportfolio during the Summer and to be honest it was a frustating experience, maily due to varius technical and admin issues.  My ePortfolio wont get marked until December, by which time the IFL who run the QTLS will have closed down and its work taken over by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF).

IfL and the Education and Training Foundation are committed to maintaining the integrity of professional status of QTLS

Time will tell how useful the QTLS will be.

Anyway some quick reflections on may reflections i had to do for my ePortfolio.  The main thing I got from this was the fact that although training has been a part of my current role for over 8 years, the quality of the training has never really been assessed, monitored or reviewed in that time.  While  no one likes beeing assesed, in the long term I dont think this has been fair on the people I have delivered training to, or to myself.  Its easy for me to become complacement and not develop my own skills in this area.  Also it highlight that there has been a big gap in terms of quality control for me and the organisation I work for.


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