About Me

My first experience of on-line learning was as an IT trainer for Northumbria Heathcare NHS trust. Due to the hours staff worked it was necessary to provide and support a blend of on-line and face to face training. This led to me to completing an online tutor course with the Institute of IT Training.

After completing a PGCE in Further Education, which I did part time at Northumbria University, I moved to the Blackpool and started my current job as an eLearning adviser for the JISC Regional Support Centre (RSC). In this role I have developed a number of online staff development materials including videos, podcasts and interactive Moodle courses. Most of these materials can be accessed at any time, however I was also involved in the development and delivery of a six week staff development online course for developing online content. Last year I completed a Learning to Teach Online (LeTTOL) course, which was a 23 week online course with The Sheffield College.

I have been living in the seaside town of Blackpool for a couple of years now. It’s famous for its tower, a mini Eiffel, which I can see from the living room window. We have two Staffordshire bull terriers, Tyler and Darwin. We got Tyler from a rescue home just over a year ago and we actually found Darwin wandering the streets of Blackpool just over a month ago. So far they get on, most of the time.

I enjoy listening to podcasts and audio books and have recently discovered a podcast of short stories which last about 45 mins, just enough time for me to listen to on the way to work. I enjoy photography, although I am not as good as I’d like to be. When I am not uploading my pics to flickr, chatting to friends on jaiku, or seeing who has poked me on face book, I drag myself away from the computer and go for walks in the countryside, especially as the beautiful lake district is nearby.


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